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Delivery conditions

Delivery methods and delivery fees

When placing an order, the Buyer enters the delivery address. The receipt of goods is provided by a courier.

COURIER DELIVERY. The delivery fee by courier is calculated for the Buyer by selecting the delivery country. Delivery costs depend on the delivery country and the weight of the order.

  • Approximate delivery time 5-14 days. The delivery time, conducted through courier services, may vary for each delivery country due to the workload of OMNIVA LATVIA and its cooperation partners providing courier services! Orders are dispatched only on working days.

When the Buyer chooses delivery of the Goods to the address specified by the Buyer, it may be the address indicated in the selection field of the online store within the delivery region options of the Seller, where it is convenient for the Buyer to receive the Goods and where the Buyer is available (home address, workplace, or other location specified by the Buyer).Formas sākums

More information can be found in the section: Terms of purchase and sale of goods.